Junior Prep

  • The Junior Prep program is suited for skaters that have successfully completed the CanSkate program (stage 5 or higher) and who wish to continue in group lessons;
  • The Junior Prep program offers group lesson instruction that includes all ice and coaching fees.
  • This program will offer the skater the opportunity to begin their tests in skills and dance and introduces the skater to the fundamental skills necessary to begin either a recreational or competitive figure skating career.
  • After completing this program hiring a coach is strongly recommended at this level;
  • Age Range: 6 – 9 years of age;
  • It will take a skater 1-2 years to progress through this program;
  • Upon completion of the Jr Prep program, skaters may be invited to attend the StarSkate group program.
  • Skaters will be encouraged to practice their skills independently, which is an important aspect of the STARSkate and CompetitiveSkate programs.


  To find out more information on how to hire a coach please reach out to our Technical Director, Kailee Myhill @ springbankskating@gmail.com 


Skills Taught in Jr Prep

  • Jumps:  Waltz, Salchow, Toe Loop, Loop and Flip
  • Spins: Upright Spin, Back Spin
  • Other Moves: Three Turn, Bunny Hop, Shoot the Duck, Mohawks