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Hi Starskate families!
Keep an eye on this page for volunteer opportunities so you can fulfill your 12 hour commitment. Please remember that any time you do any volunteer hours please send me an email to confirm you attendance and time so I can record it ... I can't give you credit if I don't know about it!
Here is a summary of upcoming things we need your help with, with all hours going towards the 2019-2020 upcoming season.


As our club is a key user group at the Springbank Park for All Seasons, they come to us for volunteer help.  I was asked to pass along a volunteer opportunity - the Park is hosting a Casino the end of this month and need volunteers.

Filling any of these roles WILL count towards your 12 your volunteer requirement for next season - you can get them in early!  I should also note that our club will not be hosting a casino this upcoming season.  I have copied details below, please let me know if you can help ASAP and I will forward your info on to John Rop, Park manager.  They are needing to get these spots filled by the end of this coming week.

The other volunteer opportunity we will have with the Park will be the Fall Fair in early September.  They have once again asked us to provide help with runners and registration desk - I will post info on our club website, but I am not actively looking to fill those spots until August.

Thank you everyone!  I hope we can find a couple people to help the Park .. casino funding will benefit all of us who use the rink!


SPFAS Casino Positions needed, Deerfoot Inn & Casino:

Sunday, June 30 Day Time – One Cashier

Sunday, June 30 Evening – GM, Banker, Cashier, Chiprunner

Sunday, June 30 Count Room – 4 Positions 

Monday, July 1 Day Time – All filled

Monday, July 1 Evening – GM, Banker, Two Cashiers, Two Chiprunners

Monday, July 1 Count Room -  2 Positions


Stacey Will,  SFSC volunteer coordinator (