Please note the date(s) you are scheduled to play music and take attendance.  You will not be sent a reminder and are responsible for finding a replacement should you not be able to cover the shift yourself.

Please review the drop-in procedures and  protocol for non-registered skaters on the ice below:


We understand drop-in option is sometimes easier for families. Given that most sessions are at capacity or near capacity, we are implementing a new process for drop-ins.

If you wish for your skater to drop-in, you will be required to e-mail your request to 24 hours before the session you wish to skate on. You will receive a response stating if your request has been approved or not. If approved, you will be issued an invoice to your account and this will need to be paid before entering the ice. Drop-in fee is $15/hour for members and $18/hour for non members. Unfortunately, at this time, no drop-in passes of 10 will be issued until SFSC can find an effective process to mange this.

Non-registered skaters on the ice

While taking attendance, if you find a non-registered skater on the ice, please note their name and coach as well as the session and text this information immediately to Kailee at 403-616-7909.  Kailee is often at the rink and can deal with potential issues right away.

* A copy of the Drop-in and Non-registered skater procedures is in the music booth.

Parent Contact Information

A Parent Contact sheet is located in the Music Room binder for emergency purposes.