Dear Skaters and Families - updated April 17, 2018

The schedule for the SFSC-High Test Day on April 25th, 2018, is now posted online on our club's website.
Please note that there are a few number of (potential) pulls, which might change the final timing a bit (they are indicated in Italic).

Therefore, I'd hereby like to encourage you to regularly check the online-schedule in order to be aware of subsequent timing-changes, which will be minor overall but still might affect your planning of the day.

Also, please make sure that you've paid your test fees online PRIOR to test day. PA credits will be issued in the next couple of days.

Please don't hesitate to contact me in case you have any questions or concerns regarding our upcoming test day.

Thank you very much, Good Luck and a lot of fun to all our skaters for test day!

Kind regards
- Gesche Tallen (SFSC-Test Chair)"


Happy New Year to all our Skating Families! Posted Jan 7, 2018


As we start the second part of our skating season, I am sending out some information about your skaters' test records. Sorry for the long email, but as being our kids' / skaters' advocates, we should take the responsibility to make sure that all their hard work and corresponding achievements are being recorded correctly with Skate Canada.


As your skaters take tests, all the results are electronically submitted to Skate Canada by the test chair and subsequently processed by Skate Canada and recorded in the skater's electronic skate Canada file - retries and passes.  A skater's test record can be accessed via her/his Skate Canada number (which -  if you don't have it handy -  can be found on your skater's account on our Springbank -FSC website).


Parents and skaters, please note: it is your responsibility to regularly check your skater's test records, not the test chair's, your coach's or the club's. 


Due to recent changes and errors, that I found on the Skate Canada Files of some of our skaters, I would like to now strongly encourage all parents to check their skaters' records on a regular basis. - For example, now and at the end of season may be a good time!


To do this:

1. Log in to the Skate Canada site with your skater's SC number.  If you haven't logged in before you may need to request an invitation code - just please follow the links.  The site is:


Usually, you'll receive an invitation code by email from Skate Canada within 1 or 2 days, with which you'll be able to create a new member's account. Just follow the instructions given on the page.


2. Once created the account/logged in, click on "my profile" (worth checking info!), and then "my achievements".  That is the test record. Note that CanSkate stages are tracked through our club and will not appear under "my achievements". 


3. Once you're on the "my achievements"-site, 

- you can click on "achievement date" to sort them chronologically if you wish

but much more important:

-  check if the result ("pass" or "retry") matches the result that your skater brought home on paper


- then click on each test's name itself to get to the "achievement detail" and check if the result under "operational status" matches the result under "achievements".


If you find any discrepancies in the display of your skater's test results or have any questions about this email, please don't hesitate to contact me.


Thank you and all the best and Happy Skating in 2018!




- Gesche Tallen

(SFSC Test Chair)

In addition, on a different note - we all know that - if you're not a figure skater or a coach - figure skating and its logistics can be very confusing, and coaches are often too busy to answer all our questions promptly. Therefore, once logged in to check your skater's test records, it's worth to also check out the "info centre" :


Once on the "Info Centre" Site, go to the site map on the right and chose the area you're interested in. For example, the"STARSkate Guide"


is very helpful in explaining the different stages and levels, different types of lessons and much more and thus to prepare a structured meeting with your coach ...


Happy Skating!